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By Edwina Newcombe - Jan 21 2022

Are you an Irish charity? Interested in what your supporters think, how they feel - and what they say about your organisation when you're not around? In 2022, we are undertaking a multi-charity multi-phase research project called Conversations with Supporters: how Irish donors think and feel. Our Head of Research Edwina Newcombe tackles your questions about our exclusive research project - contact her for the full proposal and to book your place!


Who gets access to the insight?

Only participating charities will get access to the findings. If you want to know how Irish donors are feeling this year - this is your chance. 


I’m already talking to my donors. What additional information will I get from this research?

There are three main ways this research goes above and beyond your own conversations with your donors:

  1. This research is designed to find out how your donors are feeling about giving, what they get from it and what their needs are. As this is a multi-phase annual project, we'll also be tracking your donors as things change throughout the year (not just a single snapshot in time).
  2. Donors are nice people. They don’t want to offend their charities. As independent researchers who guarantee donor anonymity, people open up to us in a way that they often wouldn’t to representatives of their chosen charities. They are semi-structured interviews which will be analysed to provide insight that can be used to improve your donor experience.
  3. This is multi-charity research - so your findings will be benchmarked against other participants, allowing you to see how you are performing compared to your competitors, what you are doing well and what you could do better.


What donors will be included in the research?

We will be speaking to active cash and active regular giving donors. If you have additional segments that you would like to include or would like to focus on one segment, get in touch and we can discuss the options.


How much time will I need to put into this?

Very little! We will need you to provide us with a data file at the beginning of each phase and send some opt out letters or emails to your supporters. We will provide the copy so it’s easy for you.


I have a specific topic I want you to talk to my donors about. Can you do that?

Yes. We can add in extra questions for an additional cost.



For more details and the full proposal, get in touch with Edwina - just don't wait as places are limited. 


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