Ask Direct exist to raise money for great causes so they can do more of their great work. At the core of everything we do is the donor. Working with the best and most dynamic charities and non-profits we create campaigns that open hearts and minds.

Behind our success are emotionally compelling campaigns that raise a lot of money. Showing people the real and transformative power their gifts have is what we do best.

You see, we don't just tell the story. We invite donors into the narrative by showing them the crucial part they play in changing the world. And that makes all the difference. We're passionate about what we do.

We love bold new ideas, brave campaigns and adventurous clients. And we are experts in recruiting, retaining, asking, and of course, thanking. What's our secret? We employ the best people. We work on causes we believe in. And we never settle for 2nd best.

Among the things we love working on are Creative Concepts and Direction, Acquisition and Recruitment, Regular Giving Programmes, Donor Retention, TV, Radio & Press Ads, Stewardship, Legacy Giving, Digital Fundraising, Phone Campaigns and so much more….



At Ask Direct we are passionate about what we do. Over the past 11 years we assembled an incredible team of creative, determined and insightful people. Everyone on our team is committed to producing the best work possible for the causes we love. We are experts in recruiting, retaining, asking, and of course, thanking.

You can meet the team and find out how you can get in touch below!


  • Marty O'Prey
    Account Manager

    Bout ye (That’s Belfast for Hello)

    I’m a northern man living in Dublin. As an Account Manager in Ask Direct I work with some of the most amazing charities in Ireland. Before joining Ask Direct I spent five years working in politics. My passion for social justice and equality grew in that time. These days I channel my energy into helping raise money for causes that change lives.

    When I’m not working, you’ll find me running around the Phoenix Park or enjoying a beer in one of Dublin's beer gardens (the latter being much more common!).

    Email me on


  • Inga Byrne
    Head of Client Campaigns

    Where to start...

    ...I began working life in the arts sector, putting my skills to use for organisations with small budgets and big hearts. While in the arts the fundraising bug bit, and in 2015 I moved to Ask Direct.

    Starting out as an Account Executive I undertook the IoF Diploma in Fundraising to gain the grounding and knowledge required to work in Ireland's leading individual giving agency. Working in an agency life is fast moving and I’ve never looked back.

    My favourite part of my role is leading a passionate, dedicate and creative campaigns team to deliver evidence-based, results-driven fundraising campaigns that change the lives of individuals across the world.

    My email is drop me a line if you’d like to get in touch.

  • Damian O' Broin
    Managing Director

    Hi there, I’m Damian,

    I started Ask Direct back in 2006. Back then it was just a laptop, a phone and desk in our spare bedroom. It's a bit bigger now.

    I set up Ask Direct to help causes I care about raise more money and recruit more supporters. So that they can do more of their great work. I’m extremely proud of what we’ve been able to do that over the last decade and a bit.

    My job is to keep this show on the road, and enable the amazing team I work with to do their brilliant work. I spend a lot of time planning fundraising strategies and tactics. I ensure our creative work is the best. And I curate our annual Fundraising Summer School.

    If you'd like to know more, or if you're interested in how we can help you with your fundraising, drop me an email


  • Fiona Rickard
    Senior Copywriter

    Hey there, I’m Fiona

    I’m a storytelling, coffee guzzling, dream chasing, floor pacing copywriter at Ask Direct.

    My most notable achievements include a B.A in Journalism, an M.A in PR and a left ankle made almost entirely of metal. I’m passionate about helping you tell the stories that will help you change the world. Writing copy that opens donor’s hearts and wallets is what I do best.

    You can reach me by emailing


  • Eila Flynn
    Account Executive

    Hey, Eila here!

    I'm a West Cork native who took the scenice route in fundraising, starting with a lung cancer charity in the UK.

    Since then, I have lived in Asia for a few years and worked as a Regional Fundraiser in Dublin before making the leap to the fast paced world of agency life at Ask Direct.

    I am passionate about international development and children's causes and have a soft spot for our four legged friends! In my spare time you'll find me up a mountain, attending or teaching a yoga class or bingeing Netflix.

    You can get in touch with me by emailing

  • Emma Doran
    Account Director

    Hello, I’m Emma, Account Director at Ask Direct.

    I have a real passion for helping others and have been very fortunate to realise this as part of my career. 

    I love the challenge of thinking creatively, problem-solving and delivering campaigns that reap tangible results. I’m a nerd when it comes to planning and organisation, but more than that I like to learn how things work, ask questions, take things apart and put them back together again, better. 

    If you’d like to get in touch just email me at


  • Caoileann Appleby
    Strategy Director

    Hey, Caoileann here,

    I’m a Strategy Director. I originally worked in Ask Direct as an Account Executive before moving to the U.K for five years. There I worked at On Agency and Bluefrog with clients like UN Refugee Agency, Save the Children, Plan UK, University of Leeds, and Greenpeace.

     I'm experienced with donor development, multi-channel recruitment, legacy, and alumni fundraising, and I'm passionate about bringing the best evidence in fundraising to life for your long-term strategic goals (I have an Masters in Cognitive Science from UCD to help with that).

    You may have seen me speak about the amazing power of small charities, digital fundraising, and other topics at the Institute of Fundraising Convention, our Summer School, and other conferences in the UK and Ireland. 

    As well as lifting response rates, I also enjoy powerlifting.  And I’ll choose tea over coffee every time.  

    You can email me on


  • Karen Cullen
    Account Manager

    Hey, I’m Karen,

    Just like you, I want to leave the world a better place than I found it.

    The best thing about my job is helping to give a voice to the stories that need to be told. Great campaigns are the ones that touch hearts and inspire action. Homelessness, animal welfare and conservation are three of the issues that I’m passionate about.

    I’m also prone to a bit of wanderlust and have lived and worked in both Paris and New York

    You can reach me at

  • Edwina Newcombe
    Strategy Director

    Hi I’m Edwina,

    As a Strategy Director, I’m responsible for the overall planning, leadership and direction of client accounts. It’s my job to apply the strategic thinking that creates outstanding campaigns.

    Before joining Ask Direct in 2008 I worked at both Barnardos and Amnesty International. I’m passionate about creating a more just and caring society for everyone and have a Masters in Equality Studies from UCD.

    You can get in touch with me by emailing


  • Ashley Paget
    Account Executive

    Hi there!

    I'm an American girl who fell in love with an Irishman (and his accent!) and I've spent the last decade traveling the globe with him. I began my career in the nonprofit sector while working for a private education institution on the Hawaiian Island of Kaua'i. 

    I've always been passionate about education, animal welfare, and conservation. As an Account Executive, I get to connect with like-minded professionals who are also passionate cultivators of positive change. Together, we are making the world a better place. 

    When I'm not caught up in the fast pace of agency life, I can be found rambling around the Wicklow Mountains, exploring nature and practicing photography. 

    You can reach me at

  • Annetta Murphy
    Head of Creative

    Hi there,

    My fundraising life began in Stephen Thomas in Toronto, Canada. There I worked with some of Canada’s largest and most innovative charities.

    I moved to Dublin in 2005 and landed a DM role in CMRF Crumlin. I returned to agency life when I joined Ask Direct. For years, I worked as an Account Manager before finding my true love, copywriting.

     I love helping you take the great stories you have and craft them into appeals that tug at the heartstrings and raise loads of money.

    You can contact me by emailing