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Trócaire - Identifying high-value donors

The Challenge

The ongoing drought and resulting hunger crisis in east Africa had been in the news and touched on by other charities for months, so we needed a new way to fundraise on this issue and make our campaign stand out. We also wanted to trial an “Exceptional Ask” tactic, to establish what an optimal price point might be for ordinary individual donors, not Major Donors.

The Execution

Instead of focusing on the whole scale of the issues in east Africa, we focused on just one where donors could feel they would have an immediate impact: treating cholera. It’s a simple and easy disease to cure, but if someone doesn’t get treatment within six hours they will die. So time and speed is of the essence. This is where our exceptional ask -  Tuk-Tuk ambulance -  is crucial. The problem and its solution is powerful, urgent, and easy for the donor to understand. 

The Results

A relentless focus on best-practice in creative and targeting meant that this pack exceeded all our expectations in terms of impact and income generation, with income 168% above target and high-value donations 575% higher than expected.


You can read more about this case study on SOFII.