Results are crucial, of course: but they only tell you what your supporters are doing. You need research to find out why.

Qualitative supporter research gives you in-depth insight into your supporters: how they think, why they give, what they really want from you. We've talked to hundreds of donors for multiple clients over the years, which gives us a wealth of knowledge and background on these crucial groups (read more about our research here). 

Do you have a new idea or area of work planned, and want to find out what your supporters really think - not just what they say? 

We can design a bespoke research plan for you, and show you how to incorporate your supporters' needs into your fundraising. This will improve donor retention, deepen your relationship with them, and maximise the value of your base over time. 

We also regularly incorporate the best international fundraising research into our client testing plans. We’d love to work with you to craft the right research questions and get the answers you need.