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Who kept their sh#t together in 2020?

We're not all in this together.

Some charities are sinking in the pandemic. Others are barely keeping their heads above water.

Yet some are doing better than ever. Why?

Insight on what other charities are experiencing is so valuable.

I want more detail on how some organisations are doing ok in Covid and why.

-       365 Days Later webinar attendees

You asked – so here it is!

In this free webinar, our Head of Creative Annetta Murphy and Account Director Emma Doran will show you who has thrived in 2020 and why – with real concrete examples from a range of causes, channels, and charities (big and small).

Wednesday, 12th May at 11am: click here to register

You’ll also hear from  Ciara Smith, Head of Individual Giving at LauraLynn Children’s Hospice, who with Account Manager Marty O’Prey, will show you everything – strategy, tactics, and results – that made their integrated campaigns work so well in 2020.

(no spoilers, but – really, really well).

Linking everything to the latest robust fundraising research, you’ll learn how you too can plan for a more successful 2021 and 2022.


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365 Days Later

If you could go back in time to March 2020 - what would you tell your past self?
And what should you be doing now to make sure your organisation is thriving in March 2022?

A year after the global pandemic that's changed how we live, work - and well, everything - we're taking a look at how donors, charities, and the wider world have responded.
And we'll show you the trends, attitudes, and emotions that will shape the sector this year and beyond - so you can take action now.

Join us on Zoom on:

Tuesday 9th March, 2021: 11am 

Ask Direct's Insight Team will incorporate learnings from our clients, the Irish market, and around the world - so register here for plenty of insight, questions, and discussion packed into an hour.


Email if you'd like to know more. 


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