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Dogs Trust - Sponsor A Dog: Improving Regular Giver Retention

The Challenge

Regular giving donors are extremely valuable to charities; signing them up can be difficult but retaining them long-term is even more important. After the launch of the new Sponsor a Dog product in 2016, 2017’s retention communications had to hit the mark and improve retention and long-term value significantly.

The Execution

We developed a specific on-boarding journey for the first 22 weeks for the relationship when attrition rates are at their peak. This includes nine communication touchpoints at key moments, for example when the first donation is due to be collected. The focus of the communication are thanking the donor, developing the one-on-one relationship with their Sponsored Dog and reminding them of the difference they are making. 

The Results

Dogs Trust’s Sponsor a Dog product shows what can be achieved through the application of insightful strategy, relentless focus on audience needs, and eye-catching creative. Retention doesn’t often get the attention it deserves from the non-profit sector; with the pressure to raise money quickly, investing in long-term communications for long-term returns can suffer. After the on-boarding journey was introduced non-starter rates improved by 38% and year 1 attrition rates improved by 36%. Overall month-on-month attrition rates improved by 66%.