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Dogs Trust - Telling the legacy story

The Challenge

Legacy income is a growing market in Ireland – and it's crucial for high-value long-term income. 

We wanted to both improve the legacy content on the Dogs Trust website and reach more dog people – not just current supporters – with our legacy message (which was already spread through supporter communications, newsletters, and press ads). Dogs Trust wanted to reach as many supporters as they could to let them know that their love for dogs can live on, long after they’re gone.

So we created a 3 minute legacy video, as well as some shorter versions of the video for social media. We wanted the final version of the video to feel authentic, relatable and inspiring. And ultimately move people to want to take action, and consider leaving a gift to Dogs Trust in their Will.

The Execution

The potential legator considers three things:

  • What has been important to me in my life? What’s my particular passion; what do I want to live on after I have gone? (values, passion for the cause, love of dogs etc.)
  • Who has helped me, and the ones I love, in my life?
  • How can I honour those I love?

In general, Dogs Trust supporters see themselves as ‘animal lovers’ and ‘dog people’.

Therefore the focus of the videos is the connection people have, and have had with dogs throughout their lives, and what they feel is important to do to support them long into the future. The viewer should see themselves, their values, and their love for dogs in the creative. Research suggests that the more we can show legacy giving as something other supporters are doing, the more likely supporters are to ‘conform to the norm’.

So who better to demonstrate that than people who’ve already decided to add Dogs Trust to their Will?  To create the videos, we interviewed Michael, Valerie, and Heather: dog-lovers all, who all have their own unique reasons for supporting Dogs Trust.


The Results

In 2020, the video appeared on Dogs Trust’s social media and their website, resulting in at new legacy enquirers and reaching new audiences.

And in 2021 the best-performing video on social media was re-edited and used as a television ad; we also created inserts and press ads using Valerie’s and Michael’s stories to reinforce the impact of the TV ad and reach even more potential supporters.