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CBM - Driving Response to a Less Popular Cause

The Challenge

How do you turn as less popular topic into a smashing appeal?

Traditionally CBM sight appeals, which focus on saving a child’s sight, do really well ­– much better than appeals which show a child who needs help to walk. Nevertheless, CBM need funding for both types of work – and with a limited budget we needed a campaign that would inspire more donors to give to help a child to walk. 

The Execution

Careful data segmentation was crucial in order to make use of the limited budget available. By selecting donors who had previously supported mobility appeals we knew we were selecting our best prospects. The pack made special mention of the donor’s previous support helping children in Africa to walk. A high ask lift was also developed in order to increase the average gift from this segment.

Once the core mobility segment budget was finalised, we used the remaining budget to mail the best prospects in the rest of the file, adapting the pack for them.

A manilla envelope was used to add urgency to the appeal. The inclusion of a child’s drawing on the envelope helped create a sense of authenticity – making the pack stand out amonst the other items that might come through a donor’s door.


The Results

The results exceeded all targets which had been set for the campaign. Overall response rate increased by 50%. Income increased by 108% and average gift increased by 134%. In addition, a large number of donors who had never responded to a mobility mailing made a gift. This increased the mobility segment by 36% creating the potential to increase future income on mobility campaigns.

So, with thoughtful targeting and authentic creative, it’s possible to make a ‘weaker’ topic into a powerful campaign.