When was the last time you donated to your own charity?

If you haven't, you should...

By Edwina Newcombe - Jun 30 2021

If you attended our recent webinar The Digital Giving Experience, you’ll know that we have been busy bees making online donations to Irish charities. We wanted to find out what kind of an experience charities are giving online donors: was it easy? Was it rewarding?


We made donations to 30 different Irish charities in June 2020 and again in June 2021. We made desktop and mobile donations to each charity: so that’s 120 donations in total. And it quickly became apparent to us that fundraisers were not testing their donation pages.

For example, this is a thank you screen we received after a donation we made in June. I’m guessing that their systems are back up and running now...


And another one, where the header at the top of the donation page thinks it’s winter. It happened to be a particularly hot day when I was making that gift!


There were also multiple examples of where automated fields meant that the copy didn’t make sense:



These are just some of the examples that we found. Needless to say they don’t give a good impression.

Do you know if there are similar issues with your site?

Are you sure?

If you haven’t made a donation in the last few weeks, do it now.

We’ll share more insight from our mystery shopping in future blogs so stay tuned!

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Edwina Newcombe


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