Hear why Orla Kerbey is returning to Summer School again this year

- Jun 14 2018

‘Summer School is run by fundraisers, for fundraisers’

As Head of Fundraising and Marketing at the homelessness charity Peter McVerry Trust, Orla Kerbey has been a fundraiser for over 12 years.

And yet, she keeps returning to Summer School because it remains a place where she can discover new insights, challenge her own thinking, and bring innovative solutions back to the office.

We caught up with Orla to find out why she’s coming back to Trinity Library this summer.

Q1. Why did you choose Summer School over other conferences you've attended?

Having been a fundraiser for over 12 years, I felt that a lot of conferences were either aimed at the CEO level, or were not really offering anything new, exciting or different. They were a little samey, and I had trouble in justifying two full days out of the office, and the spend from already super-tight budgets to attend them.

Summer School seemed new and different from the start. It was organised by fundraisers — people who understand the day to day of fundraising and all of the challenges, the difficulties and the delights of making a difference.

Q2. Is there a particular session you are looking forward to? 

I always find Damian O’Broin to be wonderful at winding everyone up for Summer School in his opening plenary. The thought of being a Rebel is new to me — who tends to play by the rules a lot — so I am excited to hear this year’s opening plenary.

Telling Powerful Stories is hugely important in this sector and something that I have to work at all the time. The panel session on Thursday afternoon is already highlighted on my timetable. I am also looking forward to catching up with my fellow fundraisers — picking their brains, sharing the wonderful stories as well as the horror stories of working in the charity sector.

Q3. Are there are particular fundraising challenges that you are hoping to discuss and find solutions to at this year's Summer School?

Bi-location — I can see myself having to flip a coin to choose some of the sessions.

Q4. What are you hoping to get from Summer School this year?  

As with the last two years, I have every faith that I will leave with a new passion, excitement and enthusiasm for the work I do.

Join Orla at Summer School and discover two days of excitement and enthusiasm for fundraising. Book now.

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