This Summer School, we’re looking for rebels with a cause

We want to fill Dublin with fundraisers who are ready to challenge their thinking, and invent new solutions to the challenges our sector faces. Who are willing to ask questions, speak out, and demand we think differently. We want to meet fundraisers who believe we have the power to change the world — and who aren’t afraid to break with convention to do it.

Sound like you? Then join us in the heart of Dublin on 12 and 13 July 2018.

Ask Direct Summer School is the place for fundraisers who believe the world needs to change — and who want to inspire supporters to change it with us.

Because we want to see that political prisoner freed and that tyrannous regime overthrown. We want to help develop that breakthrough cancer treatment. And we want to inspire governments to bring in policies that make our communities safer, happier, and healthier.

We’re fundraisers because we’re rebels with a cause. If you are too, then it’s time to join us.

This is small, intimate conference. Places are strictly limited, so unless you want to be disappointed, book now!

If you want to challenge your thinking, and the thinking of others, to make our industry the best it can possibly be, book now.

We’ll see you at Trinity College on 12 and 13 July 2018.

Meet our world class speakers...

Over two days in Dublin, the brightest brains in fundraising will be asking you to think differently, question your pre-conceptions, and work together to celebrate the best of our industry — and to meet its challenges head on. They’re coming from all over the world to meet you. Will you be here to meet them?

Don’t just take our word for it....

We can think of heaps of reasons why you’d want to attend Summer School. Not least because in this great big gathering of fine fundraising minds, we can really start to ask the great big questions about what our industry must do to be better, brighter and ready to change the world.

But don't take our word for it. Have a look at what some of last year’s attendees have to say.

  • I loved the radical call to action feel of it.
  • I love the passion, the spirit, and the enthusiasm of Summer School. I love that people want to be better fundraisers. Thank you for making us proud to do a job that impacts positively.
  • It was amazing to have the time and ability to talk shop with so many fundraisers

See how last year's delegates rated Summer School

A place where fundraisers can come together.

A space where you can hear from some of our sector’s leading thinkers, writers, designers and planners, and share your own thoughts with them.

A time to be reminded why it is we do what we do — and how we can work together to make our industry even better.

And if you need another reason to attend, then did we mention the legendary Thursday night party? After all, Dublin does have a certain reputation to live up to…

Join us in Dublin’s centre of learning

It’s only right that we’re gathering together in one of Europe’s greatest universities: Trinity College.

Situated slap bang in the heart of Dublin, you’ll be walking in the footsteps of rebellious intellects Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, Anne Enright and Mary Robinson.

Getting there

Click here for directions to help you find your way to Trinity College wherever you are coming from. 

Registration is in the Arts Block in Trinity. As you enter Trinity College from the Nassau Street entrance, the Arts Block is the first turn right on your way in. Look out for our friendly staff! 

This map of the Trinity Campus will help you find your way around the historic grounds – Nassau St. is marked as location #2 and the Arts Block is location #10.


Programme at a glance....

Download the full Summer School programme here

Thursday 12th July

  • 8am – Registration
  • 9am – Summer School begins
  • 1pm – Lunch
  • 2pm – Summer School afternoon sessions
  • 6pm – Drinks reception
  • 8pm – Summer School Party

Friday 13th July

  • 9am – Summer School Day Two begins
  • 1pm – lunch
  • 2pm – Summer School afternoon sessions
  • 5.30pm – Summer School closes