How to make it Snow in Summer...

...and overcoming other creative conundrums

By Fiona Rickard - Jul 11 2019

I love Christmas. Good things happen to me during the festive season.

I met my husband at Christmas, got engaged at Christmas, we even got married at Christmas. (Not all the same Christmas, that is...).

But as much as I enjoy the season of goodwill, even I can struggle to capture the spirit of Christmas in the height of Summer. And that’s a problem.

It’s a problem because that’s the exact time I begin work on our clients' Christmas appeals.

So, while the world around me is shouting about sunshine and lollipops, I’m desperately trying to get into a snowballs and cosy socks state of mind.


Working as a copywriter is great. I get to do the thing I love (write) every day and get paid for it. But ask anyone working in a creative role and they’ll tell you that every now and then they struggle to get in the zone.

Overcoming a creative slump or block is one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of my job. Nothing feels worse than struggling to find the right words to bring a story to life. And nothing feels better than when you finally crack it.

It may not be a time of year; it may be a voice, an emotion or a moment in time you’re trying to capture. The methods I use when trying to get my Christmas on in midsummer are the same ones I use anytime I have a creative block. And by sharing them today I hope I can help you overcome any (creative) blockages that come your way (if your blockage is of another nature, then my advice is plenty of prune juice and a visit to your GP).



Nothing has the ability to set a mood quite like music. Spotify and other streaming services mean that no matter the mood or time of year you’re trying to evoke there’s a playlist to help you on your way. So my advice is find the one that’ll work for you, stick your headphones on, and let Bing Crosby, Mariah Carey or your crooner of choice weave their magic.



I’m a self-confessed advertising junkie, nothing gets me like a well-crafted TV ad.  And the advent of ‘sadvertising’ and increased competition amongst retailers means that Christmas is like, well, Christmas when it comes to good ads. I’ve whiled away many the hour on a summer’s day watching the best and worst TV ads Christmas has to offer. 



And if you’re really stuck or have a bit of time on your hands what better way to get into the festive spirit that with your favourite Christmas movie. So pull the curtains, dim the lights and immerse yourself in your favourite feature length presentation. Muppets Christmas Carol and The Santa Claus are two of my personal favourites.



Feeling indulgent? Then why whip together your favourite Christmas snack? Smell and memory are closely linked which is why the aroma of freshly-brewed mulled wine (after all, Hemingway himself said ‘Write drunk, edit sober’) or a delicious mince pie might be just the trigger you need.



Another way of finding the right words is to allow yourself to be inspired by someone else’s. Sites like or books like Letters of Note are fantastic resources with quotes, letters and thoughts on every subject and emotion you can think of.


But whether you’re trying to capture the spirit of Christmas in summertime or just trying to get into the creative zone, I hope that some of the methods mentioned above will help you on your way.

And if you have a Christmas campaign you’d like to talk to us about there’s no time like the present to get in touch.


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Fiona Rickard


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