Meredith Niles Executive Director of Fundraising and Engagement at Marie Curie


Meredith joined Marie Curie in 2013, having previously worked as an Investment Director at Impetus-Private Equity Foundation and as an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs.  She is a Fellow of the International Advisory Panel of Rogare and a member of the Institute of Fundraising’s Standards Advisory Board.  She volunteers her time as a trustee of Plan International UK, Trust for London, and SOFII.  She lives in London with her husband and three young sons.


Session: How do you know what you know in fundraising?


Fundraisers learn predominantly by coming to conferences such as Summer School and listening to other fundraisers presenting case studies about what has worked for their charities. But how can delegates know if those case studies will also work for them? How do fundraisers know what they know? How can they be sure it’s true? How much evidence do they need? Do they even need evidence at all or should they just go with their gut instinct? Or should they be delving into the vaults of academic research?


Engage with a panel of experts in a meaningful discussion on these questions, and more.