You thought last year was great. 

We think this year will be even better.

We don’t just want to make our industry the best it can be.

We also want to be the best place to do that.

In fact, we want to do everything we can to be the best conference for people who want to discuss the most important issues in fundraising today.

The good news is, your responses to our survey suggest we’re already doing a pretty good job.

Have a look at how you rated Summer School 2017

We asked how you'd mark Summer School out of 10?You rated it
I would recommend Summer School to a friend or colleague9.19
Attending Summer School was a good use of my time9.04
I enjoyed Summer School9.04
How likely I'd be to attend again8.85
Summer School met my expectations8.57
What I learned at Summer School will help me do my job better8.49

So, what have people been saying?

“I really enjoyed it and found it very inspiring! I would (and will) definitely recommend it to others, but one of the strengths of the Summer School it its small scale, so please don't become too successful and become too big!”
“I loved Summer School and I never take the time to give comments unless it’s something important. I think Summer School is important so I give these comments with love .”
“I love the passion, the spirit and the enthusiasm of Summer School. I love that people want to be better fundraisers, people, communicators and that people are willing to share their thoughts, feelings, and of course their skills. Thank you for putting on a conference that encourages colouring outside the lines, that encourages standing out and making a difference, that reignites the creativity that can be lost when sat in an office 40 hours a week and that makes us proud to do a job that impacts positively. Thank you for encouraging us to dream bigger.”

We’re glad you enjoyed 2017. But we think we can make 2018 even better again.

We want to be more helpful, and provide you with the information you need to get the best from Summer School. We want to help you meet more people, enjoy more speakers, and make sure that 2018 offers fresh thinking on fresh topics.

That’s why, when you arrive at Trinity College Dublin on 12 July, you’ll notice it’s not just the date that’s changed.

We’ve booked new and exciting speakers with a host of different backgrounds, who will discuss a wider range of topics.

The programme will be available nice and early, so you can better plan your two days.

And we’ll be serving a hot lunch in Trinity’s historic dining hall, while the coffee breaks will provide you with more opportunities for discussion and networking.

Sound good? Then book your tickets.