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Caroline Fiennes

Caroline Fiennes

Caroline Fiennes is one of the few people whose work has appeared in both The Lancet and OK! Magazine.

She is a leading advocate and campaigner for effective philanthropy, in which she has worked for twelve years. She serves on boards of: Charity Navigator; The Cochrane Collaboration (leading global research house at the centre of evidence-based medicine); and the Center for Effective Philanthropy (US philanthropy think-tank & research house). She works with Innovations for Poverty Action and formerly with J-PAL at MIT. A former award-winning charity CEO herself, she founded Giving Evidence which advises donors of various descriptions and in many countries about effective giving, and conducts research to improve it.

Caroline speaks and writes extensively about the need for and barriers to effective giving, e.g., in the Financial Times, Forbes, The Economist, BBC Radio 4, Freakonomics, the Daily Mail, the philanthropy sector press. Her book It Ain’t What You Give, It’s the Way That You Give It is dedicated to all those who miss out because donors make the wrong call, and was described in the press as “indispensable… relentlessly logical… engaging, informative, irreverent … long overdue… Thank goodness somebody’s finally written this book… a tour de force”. Caroline has taught about effective giving at Oxford, Cambridge and Yale.

She holds a surprisingly useful degree in physics and philosophy.

Session Description: What do donors want? - Insights from a donor advisor

Caroline Fiennes advises many donors around the world, and speaks and writes to many more through conferences and her column in the Financial Times. She encourages them to give based on evidence about what works. She will here share experiences of what they want and what non-profits could perhaps usefully provide.